Good Hiking Foods

By Jack Carlsbad, December 16, 2011

Do you think you’re having a backpacking sojourn and searching for food? If you’re gearing up for hiking, backpacking, camping or any other outside exploits and you’re simply thinking what to take for food; then think about freeze-dried dishes. They’re just light and portable, tasty and desired between seasoned backpackers.

Backpacking food is well prepared comparatively similar to a frequent recipe. Following the preparing procedure, it goes by way of a procedure of vacuuming, in which the water is removed gently from your foods. Freeze-dry foods are available in beef stew, chicken with potatoes, beef ravioli, lasagna and spaghetti with meat sauce. They’re even for sale in breakfasts meals such as bacon and scrambled eggs or sweets like strawberry cheesecake so when you wish to try a treat, you can do that too with freeze dried fruit, which supplies you with a healthful alternative.

Freeze dried foods have been consumed for several years by backpackers, campers and survival food list because of the unique advantages they supply them with. Some of the primary benefits are listed below:


Backpacking food is easy to carry around because the procedure for freeze drying eliminates the water from your food; it is actually practical and a lot of it can be loaded in to a tiny space.

Virtually all camping foods can be found in bags offering you with One or two big meals in just about every pouch.

An easy task to Make

Hiking meals are a breeze to make. All you are required to do is put water and stir; on top of that, the water doesn’t actually need to be scorching. Wait around for about 10 minutes and before you know it, you are prepared to fulfill your current hunger.

Better Nutrition and Flavor

Due to the gentle nature with the freeze drying method, hiking food tastes better and retains more of its nutrition when compared with some other foods like dehydrated vegetables or canned foods.

For any healthy snack, you can savor a freeze dried fruit or prepare a side dish of veggies together with your meal making it more healthy. It is an outstanding technique to maintain your nourishment whilst taking pleasure in your outdoor activities.

Furthermore, it is good-tasting food, that’s a little something to look forward to after a lengthy day’s camping. While it does not actually appeal to your finer gourmet tastes, your meals are still pretty good and you could even pay for desserts such as freeze dried frozen treats to savor on the camping trail.

These are merely a few of the primary benefits of freeze dried backpacking foods. There are quite a few various brands accessible but spend time in order to find the very best flavorful brand names and foods for you.

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